The Province of Manitoba SAR Dog Association

The Province of Manitoba SAR Dog Association is dedicated to enhancing the ground search and heavy urban search capabilities of our professional and volunteer personnel through a contingent of four legged searchers. Well trained search and rescue dog teams can cover a large area in a very short period of time. A search and rescue dog uses their well trained noses to help locate people, making them a great asset in heavy bush and difficult terrain.

Search and Rescue Dogs

Provincial Search and Rescue dogs can help locate missing people in two ways; a combination of human scent and ground disturbance can be used to follow a person’s track to their location. Tracking requires a well trained dog with many hours of practice to perfect their skill.

Searching or air scenting is another way for Search and Rescue dogs to help us locate people. By following a person’s scent that travels down - wind from where they are, a Search and Rescue dog can follow that scent by working their way into the wind until they locate the person.

How can I get involved?

It must be clearly understood by everyone that wants to get involved as a volunteer in Search and Rescue, that the responsibility for conducting searches belongs with the Police Agency that has jurisdiction in the area of the search. The Police agencies in the Province will at times request volunteers to assist them with their duties. Those requests go out to the well trained and certified volunteers that operate throughout the Province. The Office of the Fire Commissioner who is also mandated provincially to assist with Search and Rescue helps give direction to these volunteer teams as well as providing training and certification.

In addition to trained human searchers, there is also a limited need for trained and certified volunteer Canine teams. The requirement for volunteers with dogs to assist in Search and Rescue are as follows:

A canine (K9) team consisting of; a well trained and certified Volunteer, along with a well trained dog that is certified by the Manitoba Emergency Services College to the Provincial standard for SAR Dogs.

For further details on training and certification refer to their website at:

Province of Manitoba SAR Dog Association and the National SAR Dog Association

The Search and Rescue Manitoba (SARMAN) Dogs are also part of the Province of Manitoba’s SAR Dog Association. The Association assists the Manitoba Emergency Services College and the SARMAN volunteer Association to coordinate K9 training days and certifications for their members. These members are also part of a National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA) that was recently established. The purpose of the National Search and Rescue Dog Association is to unite and share their passion for Search and Rescue dog training with their counterparts from across Canada. By networking and sharing with other dog handlers and trainers from across the country we can help improve the abilities of all of our K9 teams.

For further details on the National SAR Dog Association or how you can join refer to their website at: